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Basic Usage

WebViewer is not a general browser application, but rather an application that is used only to load web content from a specified URL in full screen, so it has minimal functionality and essentially no UI.

The only exception is the Backspace keyboard shortcut to go back to the previous page.

On the command line, you can specify the URL to open. Not only https urls, you can open browser internal pages such as about:config

# Open our project site with WebViewer
# Open preferences editor
webviewer about:config

You can also use some other Firefox command line options. Here are some examples:

# You can specify url with -url option explicitly
# but unlike Firefox, multiple urls are not supported.
webviewer -url

# Start the debugger server on the given port (6000 if omitted)
webviewer -start-debugger-server PORT

# Start the profile manager (if no profile name specified)
webviewer -ProfileManager
webviewer -P

# Starts with a profile name or profile directory.
webviewer -P profileName
webviewer -profile path/to/profile

# Starts in private browsing mode.
# This can be used when you want to use the system without recording history or other information.
webviewer -private

Preferences and Environment Variables

Preferences and environment variables are same as Firefox build. Please refer Gecko Preferences page.