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Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, only offers Firefox for Linux as a full browser application, not as a ready-to-use application that incorporates the Gecko engine and serves as a web content (HTML5) viewer for Linux.

Firefox includes many features such as UI (location bar, toolbar, etc.), bookmarks, history, passwords, etc., and the ability to synchronize them across devices via storage and cloud services (Firefox Sync), which requires a lot of background processing to update various data. Even though such functionality is not necessary in embedded HMIs, it increases CPU and memory consumption.

If you just want a full-screen display, you may use the kiosk mode of Firefox. However, in general, we want to avoid unnecessary network communication and minimize resource consumption in commercial embedded products. We need a simple, lightweight, and stable web content viewer application.

We have developed and released WebViewer (Amethyst) as a sample browser application to achieve this.


If you need professional support for WebViewer, please contact to WebDINO Japan, not Mozilla

Please see next pages to learn more about WebViewer.