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Project Gecko Embedded

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Project Gecko Embedded ports Gecko (Firefox’s browser engine) to the embedded platform and makes it available for commercial embedded products. This project aims to port the Gecko engine to a development board with a microprocessor for embedded products to achieve a high-performance and stable web application execution environment that takes advantage of GPUs. In order to make it easy and secure to adopt Gecko, we have created recipes (layers) for Yocto (OpenEmbedded), which is the de facto standard for embedded Linux environments, prepared documentation for developers, and conducted quality assurance testing on a reference development board. We are working with microprocessor developers such as Renesas Electronics. Please see project introduction slide for more details:

Goals and Background

The Gecko Embedded project strives to make Web browser engines accessible and easy to use for all embedded developers. We provide a browser engine that can be easily used in commercial products across a wide range of industries, unlike SoC prototyping boards that is bound to a certain product category or hardware, and/or can not be used for commercial purposes. This would bring the mere benefits of a open source development where anyone can use it to make products without the need to gain permission nor being bound by any business restrictions. Not only would this accelerate products by companies directly involved with this project, any other companies are also welcome to develop products with it, contributing as a whole to the expansion of Web platforms.

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