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For restrictions on the use of Gecko in RZ/G, please refer to the "Restrictions" section in the release notes of the HTML5 (Gecko) Package distributed by Renesas.

Difference from Firefox on PC Linux

Firefox on Linux PCs and Gecko (Firefox and WebViewer builds) on embedded Linux BSPs do not work with some APIs or are not supported even if they work, due to differences in hardware and OS (BSP) design, limitations in supported modules, etc. Some APIs do not work or are not supported, due to differences in hardware and OS (BSP) design and limitations of supported modules. Specifically, the following APIs are supported

  • Ambient Light Events or Ambient Light Sensor
    • This function has been supported since Gecko 62, but has not been tested because there are no devices with light sensors and API implementation on the BSP side.
    • Not supported in embedded environments as it is assumed to be unnecessary (sensor values are generally obtained from native implementations or by other means).
  • Encrypted Media Extension API
    • This is a function for decoding and playing back DRM-enabled content in combination with CDM (e.g. Google WideVine), but it is not available because CDM for the RZ/G platform is not provided by the DRM developer.
  • Gamepad API
    • When you connect a USB gamepad (e.g. SNES Controller), it is added to lsusb, but the browser does not recognize it because there is no driver for it within the standard BSP (should work if you prepare a drivers for it).
    • This function is assumed to be unnecessary for embedded environments and is not supported, but if there is a demand for it, verification and support will be considered.
  • Geolocation API
    • A function to acquire location from GPS, surrounding LTE base stations, and wireless network information. This function should work as long as a device that can obtain the necessary information is connected, but this has not yet been verified.
  • Notification API
    • Although it works, the OS does not provide a notification function, so the notification window is displayed in a random positione. The notification window settings menu display position also shifts, making it impractical.
    • In embedded systems, it is normal to control the display method of notification messages by oneself instead of using the OS standard UI notification function, and this is not supported.
  • Orientation API, and event
    • Unconfirmed as we have no devices with tilt/accelerometer sensors.
    • Not supported as it is assumed to be an unnecessary function in an embedded environment.
  • Payment Request API and Payment Handler API
    • Billing and authentication are not tested because they are not intended for the intended use. Simply not tested.
  • Presentation API
    • Not tested, as it is not intended for operation on a separate screen. Simply not tested.
  • Resource Timing API
    • This API works but we're not verified the accuracy of the time in embedded devices.
  • Vibration API
    • Unconfirmed because we don't have devices with vibrators.
  • Web Authn
    • USB U2F Token support is supposed to be included since Gekco 60, but it has not been verified yet.
  • WebVR API and WebXR Device API
    • Unconfirmed because we don't have VR/XR devices with RZ/G.

This list is for reference only and is not guaranteed to be complete or up-to-date.