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So far, Project Gecko Embedded has ported Gecko to Renesas RZ/G1 and RZ/G2 processors with GPU accelerations and hardware video decoding. We are working with Renesas Electronics to port and verify Gecko's stability and performance on the processors.

The Renesas RZ/G series is a scalable MPU platform based on the Arm Cortex architecture and RISC-V architecture with advanced graphics, video engine and high-speed interface. The scalable and efficient performance of the RZ/G series is ideal for industrial automation, building automation HMI, industrial cameras, and IoT Edge applications.

Renesas Verified Linux Package

Renesas provides the basic software required for the industrial segment as the verified software package (VLP).

Renesas also provides the multimedia package for installing H.264/H.265 Video codec and graphics (OpenGL ES) function into the RZ/G BSP (Board Support Package).

Renesas Verified Linux Package

Their VLP includes HTML5 (Gecko) package as a GUI framework. Project Gecko Embedding is collaborating with them to support HTML5.

For more information on VLP, please see the description on the Renesas website.