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How to Build Gecko for Renesas RZ/G

Project GEM maintain Yocto recipes to build for RZ/G, including Gecko (Firefox and WebViewer applications).

General fixes are upstreamed to the OpenEmbedded meta-browser repository, but RZ/G specific fixes and patches are only included in the project repository.

To build Gecko for RZ/G, please see official Renesas document of HTML5 (Gecko) package for Verified Linux Packages. Go to Renesas' software package download page and find the package.

Download and unzip the HTML5 (Gecko) package and refer to the "Build Instructions" section in the release notes included with it.

See also our repositories:

If you want to setup a CI environment, you can also use our Docker:


Please note that this Docker is designed to build with OSS code only. If you want to include proprietary drivers, you will need to download the packages provided by Renesas and follow the build instructions to include them.