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Project Gecko Embedded

Project Gecko Embedded (GEM) ports Gecko (Firefox’s browser engine) to the embedded platform and makes it available for commercial embedded products. This project aims to port the Gecko engine to a development board with a microprocessor for embedded products to achieve a high-performance and stable web application execution environment that takes advantage of GPUs. In order to make it easy and secure to adopt Gecko, we have created recipes (layers) for Yocto (OpenEmbedded), which is the de facto standard for embedded Linux environments, prepared documentation for developers, and conducted quality assurance testing on a reference development board.


This project is an OSS project hosted by WebDINO Japan (ex-Mozilla Japan) since 2016.

Web for Embedding

This is not specific to this project, but general basic information for those who are considering adopting the browser engine as an embedded HMI platform.


WebViewer is lightweight and stable Web content viewer application for embedded usage.

Gecko for Renesas RZ/Z

We are collaborating with Renesas Electronics to support their scalable MPU platform, RZ/G series.